Friday, February 3, 2012

Ella Cate celebrated her 9th birthday January 6th!! We were a little late celebrating due to some family emergencies, but she had a blast. We held it at Jump on Saturday, January 28th! She and all her sweet friends had a great time. I can't believe our baby is 9! Time is flying by so fast. We gave her a bicycle as her gift! Now, if she can just learn to ride without training wheels!!

Christmas Morning:
She was so excited this year. Santa brought her a pandora bracelet, a sorry board game and an electric scooter with a helmet! I think he was pretty good to her! She is enjoying each of them. I had a great surprise this year. My fabulous hubby surprised me with a gift I never would have thought he would have gotten!! A trip to NYC!!! He combined my Christmas with my 40th birthday!! We are going in May and I cannot wait!!

We started our Christmas season when we were at Disneyworld. We came home and before we could swap cars back with my mom (we had borrowed hers for the trip), one of my nephews had a horrible wreck and totaled ours! We are just very thankful that he is ok. Then Jay and I had our Christmas couples bunco party! We both "bigged" at the same time!! Next we celebrated with Jay's mom! She gave EC a pogo stick and you can see she loves it!! We hosted Christmas Eve with my family at our house this year! We all had so much fun. I am so blessed with a wonderful family!!

Here is just a vast array of pictures from things that have been going on over the last 6 months or so. They range from Ella Cate's first day of 3rd grade and our beach trip to tailgating MSU style to Halloween and our Disney trip! We have had lots of fun!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hi everyone!
I am going to try this blogging thing again. It has been a while and we have been very busy! Ella Cate is now in the 3rd grade and has just had her 9th birthday. I will post a few pics from the party later. We had a great end to 2011. We took our first trip to Disneyworld over the Thanksgiving holidays. It was absolutely wonderful! I think Jay and I enjoyed it as much as she did. The look on her face at everything will be in my mind forever. It was definitely the most magical place!! Here are a few pics of our trip. We can't wait for the next trip!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

First day at Thomas Street

We started First Grade at Thomas Street Elementary on Friday, August 14th. She was very excited. Mommy, on the other hand, was a little scared! Change is very hard for me. But, surprisingly, I did great. She was so excited and happy that I could just not be sad. She was looking so forward to it. She even told me and Jay that we could stop taking pictures and leave!! I kept on of course! We have a great teacher, Mrs. Humphries, and she is in the class with Weston and Connor! She was excited about that! She has eaten in the lunchroom and taken her lunch both! I think we are all adapting very well. Except the second week, I had to pick her up and she was out all week with fever and flu stuff!! Anyway, she is doing great. Made all 100's on her first three assessments. (Mrs. Nicole, you did a fabulous job) The hardest thing we are facing is adjusting to no naptime. She is exhausted when she comes home. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, that will get easier. Her Papa Jack picks her up from school everyday, and she goes home with him until we get off work! She is really enjoying spending that time with him, and we are very thankful to him for doing this! Here are some of the pics taken that first day! Ella Cate, we love you and are so proud of you! God has blessed us so much by giving you to us!! Hugs and Kisses!!

EC, Weston & Mrs. Humphries
EC at her desk as I was leaving!
EC, Weston & Connor
Ella Cate & Taylor
Ella Cate & Mommy

Ella Cate & Daddy

Inside the lobby
Ready to go inside!
On the way to school!!

Last day at Harrisburg Day School!!

Ella Cate and Taylor

This was our last day at Harrisburg, Thursday, August 13th. They looked pretty excited, but Mommies were very very sad!! It was very hard because we loved it there. But a new era was starting for us. God blessed us so abundantly in the years we called HBC our 'school'. Ella Cate made some lifelong friends, and were taught, cared for and loved by so many wonderful teachers! She already misses them so much. To Mrs. Nicole: Words cannot express how grateful we are that we were placed in your class on that first day when she was 2! We could never have imagined the incredible bond that you would form with EC. I am so thankful as well, because I found a wonderful friend for life! We love you dearly and are so thankful for you! (and Sam) Ella Cate will continue to move on up in school, and I know she will do great because she had the loving, christian background that we wanted for her. Thanks a million!

EC and Avery
EC and Aunt Nicole!!!
Ella Cate and Ms. Joanne